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Welcome to Paws 4 Fun

We are Paws 4 Fun Dog Training Club Inc., a dog club which does both agility and flyball training in Castle Hill, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia. We do agility training on Sunday afternoons at Eric Mobbs Reserve, in Excelsior Avenue, and flyball training at the Castle Hill Showground on Wednesday evenings.

AGILITY is an enjoyable and exciting sport for both dog and handler, which provides both exercise and mental stimulation for you and your dog.  Your dog learns to leap over jumps, run through tunnels and weave poles and scale obstacles. At Paws 4 Fun you can choose to perform agility competitively or just do it for fun. Either way, it is a great way to meet new friends who share common interests and love their dogs. Children under supervision are especially welcome to join and take part. Agility is a great activity for most dogs (6 months or older) and the Club does not require your dog to have had any prior training.  However, if your dog becomes agitated and can’t listen to you at all when you take him out, or you can’t control him when he sees another dog, Agility is not the right place to start training.   We can suggest other options to get you started.

FLYBALL is a team sport which encompasses all of the things that dogs love to do - jumping, catching, retrieving, competing and striving to please their handlers.  Any dog can participate, regardless of breed, shape or size, but they must be relatively fit. People have a lot of fun at flyball, too. The teamwork aspect brings people together, as they strive to improve their team's performance. Dogs must be 12 months old to compete at flyball, but dogs are able to start their training at 6 months of age. Children must be 12 years old to train at flyball, and until they are 16 years old, they must be supervised by an adult.




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wet weather

Council may close the training field in wet weather. Members are usually told by email by the Secretary, when the field is closed, but this may not always be possible. Members can check by going to or by phoning 9843 0354 (recorded announcement)

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